Why Us

We do not look at ourselves simply as a company that sells bedsheets and pillow cases. We consider ourselves to be part of a movement to ensure a better physical and mental health for the citizens of this country. That, like we have stressed elsewhere on our website too, can only come from a deep and disturbed night of sleep. There is so much happening in our lives that can make it difficult to sleep in peace. This is where our  high quality organic cotton sheets can be a real blessing for a tired body and soul.

While ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep, we have also kept in mind your need for a luxurious feel when you retire for the night. Our thread count of 300 using the best single ply threads provides that optimal mix of luxury and comfort.

Here are nine reasons why we confidently claim that our products can’t be matched by any others that are available at stores or online.

  1. Not a thread of synthetic threads in our 100% cotton bed linen
  2. Our signature tight weaves give a luxurious feel
  3. Comfort of the highest order
  4. Very attractive designs and colors
  5. The quality of weaves ensures that our cotton percale sheet sets do not pill even with regular use, and are therefore very durable
  6. With every wash, the breathability improves
  7. All of these come at a surprisingly affordable price
  8. Guaranteed delivery within 2 days anywhere within USA
  9. A no-questions-asked 30 day return policy for goods returned in good condition

We invite you to embark on a pleasurable journey of selecting, buying, and using our bedsheets and pillow cases. Please help to spread the good word by leaving a comment in the feedback section after you have used our products.

Happy Shopping and Happy Sleeping!


Luxinea Group LLC’s Bed and Bath Linens Elevate Customer Experiences

Height of quality, comfort, and beauty are at core of the Luxinea Group LLC mission


When shoppers look for luxurious bed and bath linens online, they are met with a wealth of options, but none of these options emphasize quality, comfort, and beauty quite the way Luxinea Group LLC does.

For instance, Luxinea’s Percale Woven Organic Sheet Set collection is made with the height of design in this particular style. Percale is known for its criss cross manner in stitching, which Luxinea delivers seamlessly along with their signature matte finishing. This fan favorite collection helps shoppers get a better night’s sleep.

Shoppers can also expect the same commitment to perfection in Luxinea’s bath towels, bath robes, decor pillows, pillowcases, duvet covers, shower curtains, and gift collection.

“This is my first purchase of luxury sheets and now all I can say is I am hooked,” said a recent customer. “I will continue to be a loyal customer and excited for new arrivals.”

Whether customers are looking for a new addition to their home or a gift for a loved one, Luxinea is proud to offer exceptional options. The team at Luxinea is continuing to add new items to their selection, and customers are coming back again and again to browse this growing selection. Each order is shipped inside giftable luxurious boxing for an extra special touch. More information can be found at


About Luxinea Group LLC

Luxinea Group LLC offers luxury bed sheets made from organically grown cotton that becomes softer with each wash. Created by two brothers with expertise in upscale hotel linens, Luxinea Group LLC bed sheets are made to bring the height of sophistication and comfort to consumers everywhere.


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