Your Bedsheets Can Help You Sleep Better

There are so many factors for which we usually blame the lack of sleep. You must have surely heard of the girl in the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale whose bed was made of a huge stack of mattresses and truckloads of feather-beds, under which a small pea was quietly tucked away. Because she was of royal stock, she had a very sensitive body and therefore couldn’t sleep the whole night.

But not all of us are blue blooded like her. We have more mundane reasons which rob us of our sleep. Some of us think that stress at the workplace or at home could be robbing us of our sleep. Others feel that there might be too much noise outside when they are trying to take a nap. Some people even claim that they weren’t able to sleep because they were too tired physically. Then, of course, there are so many examples of people being woken up frequently because there is some problem physically, like a toothache, or a bladder that fills up too quickly, or even improper digestion of their last meal. But did you know that the secret to a good night’s sleep also lies hidden in your bed sheets? Let us first try to understand the science behind our sleep patterns before we talk about how the use of cool crisp sheets can help improve your sleep.


The Science Behind Sleep

Every person goes to sleep or stays awake as per the circadian rhythm of his or her body. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences defines a  circadian rhythm as the sumtotal of the “physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle”. Our circadian rhythms are controlled by our body clocks, which are internal and unique to every person. Some of us, for example, are night owls who find it impossible, or at least difficult, to wake up early. There are others who begin feeling sleepy pretty early on in the evening, but can get up very early the next morning. But that is not all. These rhythms are also dependent on other factors as well. For example, our body recognizes the ambient light or dark. There is a powerful hormone called melatonin which impacts how sleepy or wakeful we are, and this too is related to light and dark around us. This hormone makes us feel sleepy, and usually the body releases more of it at night.

In fact, circadian rhythms also evolve and change according to age. You must have seen how erratic the sleep cycles of newborn babies are, often giving their parents sleepless nights. Teenagers, on the other hand, find it difficult to fall asleep till late at night, tossing and turning on their bed sheets, and then find it equally difficult to get up in the morning. Adults usually have the most predictable sleep cycles, and that again gets disturbed as the person becomes more senior. This is why adults who have sleep disorders are usually the most worried. The importance of sleep in our mental and physical well being is so high that the three winners of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2017 were recognized for their “discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm”.

But beyond these internal and external factors, the immediate ambience is also very important. By ambience, we do not mean only the sound or the light in or around the bedroom. There are more immediate factors that impact your sleep, like the age of your pillow, the frequency of cleaning your fitted bed sheets, and even the type and quality of the bed sheet sets you use. We, at Luxinea , are in the business of improving the quality of your sleep with the help of our cotton percale bed sheets, and so let us delve a bit deeper into this aspect.


The Role of Bedsheets in Sleeping Better

There are three things that can greatly impact how well your cotton bed sheets help you get a restful night of sleep.

The first is that they should be made of natural fibers like cotton, instead of synthetic material. Of course, synthetic fibers that you can pick up at any bed sheets sale can be far cheaper, but someone who finds getting sleep difficult will always tell you that he or she is willing to spend a bit more to get sound sleep. Even in cotton, there are usually two variants - organically grown cotton and conventionally grown cotton. In an earlier blog, we have detailed the distinction between them. Again, organic cotton bedding sets would be slightly costlier, but they would be worth every dollar you pay. The reason for that is that these sheets are much softer and also do not have any chemical colorations added during looming.

The second factor is the thread count of the sheets. Do not get taken in by the claims of higher thread count, because they usually have the same number of horizontal and vertical threads but only increase the thread to three ply from single ply. So try to select a bedsheet of thread count 300 or less.

Finally, the type of weave used to make your bed sheets is very important. You can read this well researched and informative blog by Forbes magazine to understand the difference between percale, sateen, and linen. Each has its strengths, but our recommendation would be for the ‘one-over-one-under’ percale weave which feels very comfy and ages well with each wash, and therefore helps you sleep better.

Now that you have read about how the right bedsheet can help you sleep better, why not head over to the Sheets Collections page of this website and check out our collection of cotton percale sheets? We can deliver anywhere in the United States within two days, and we offer a 30 day return guarantee too. We would be happy to help you make the choice to live a healthier life.


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